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#189271 Listen-up BOO-Boys

Posted by marmarisbhoy on 20 August 2011 - 08:49 AM

Tin hat on here but i dont really give a shit.

The opinions of some "People" on this forum regarding Georgios Samaras performance in mid-week is probably the worst ive ever had the misfortune to read on a "Celtic web-site".

I take pleasure in knowing that 99% of the "People" on here, who riducle him dont actually attend Celtic Park, and watch mostly on illegal duff streams that lag for most of the match, and certainly dont give the true reflection of how the game is going. (again 99%)

Criticism (the judgement of the merits and faults of the work or actions of an individual or group by another.) is the right for any fan watching, but the total negative comments from a few on here deserve in my opinion a thread like this to point out the obvious to them.

My position is clear on that, if you boo our players and our team then you are not a Celtic Supporter.-------------- You may affiliate yourself with Celtic,------------------- you may even identify yourself in some way with Celtic, ---------------------but you do not deep down support them.

Booing and typing nonsense about Celtic players during a game, or as one guy wrote on here:"I hope he breaks his leg" (sammy he was reffering to) is counter-productive and totally ignorant.

Celtic players are not above criticism, and of course a certain amount of criticism must happen during a game, when emotions are running high.

If we call ourselves supporters we should do our best to support: otherwise, we are consumers.(and i dont fall into that catagory)

It’s time to stop behaving like Hun fans and support the team – we’ve been recognised by others as the best fans in the world so lets start showing it.

If this has offended anyone who reads it, then its you these points are aimed at.

#199974 my day at Celtic Park

Posted by helen on 23 October 2011 - 07:43 PM

wow what a stadium so huge what an atmosphere the GB were awesome loud kept us all going some of the Crowd were singing with them what a view the North Stand upper. pitch was immaculate what a day amazing i want to go back right away i have got some pics to Upload so i will figure out to do that Tommorow Hopefully. so glad i want to say thanks to everyone who put me forward for the tickets i cant thank you Enough makes me proud to be fan and a member of this fantastic site thanks again everyone you made my day.

#165523 Celtic

Posted by Celticbhoy7 on 16 February 2011 - 07:06 PM

“Football without the fans is nothing” – Jock Stein
“Celtic Football Club is the fans, without them there is no club.” – Paul McStay

“Celtic fans, you are great, you are marvellous” – Sepp Blatter

“The Celtic supporters were out of this world. I’ve still to find supporters to better them.” – Tommy Gemmell

“They are a superb set of fans and they love to see us battle for the cause” – Bobo Balde

“The Celtic supporters know their football.” – Shunsuke Nakamura

“They are a fantastic club with amazing support.” – Henrik Larsson

“The best fans on the continent” – El Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona

“Celtic jerseys are not for second best, They don’t shrink to fit inferior players” – Jock Stein

“We work hard all week, but on a Saturday we get the day off to play football” – Bertie Auld

“I only know the first two lines of ‘The Sash,’ because after that we’ve usually scored” – Roy Aitken

“The best place to defend is in the other team’s penalty box” – Jock Stein

“I am often asked how the Rangers ‘nine in a row’ team compares with Celtic’s Lisbon Lions of 1967. I have to be honest and say I think it would be a draw, but then some of us are getting on for 60″ – Bertie Auld

“What these players have to realise, is that when you put on the Celtic jersey you’re not playing for a football team, you’re playing for a community and a cause” – Tommy Burns

“Celtic enjoys a greater community spirit than any other club in the world.” – Archie MacPherson, Legendary sports broadcaster & journalist

Ancelotti [AC Milan Manager] would certainly welcome back Celtic to the Champions League on a regular basis, if only for their supporters. The sight of 10,000 Celtic fans giving their team a standing ovation at the end prompted Ancelotti to reflect that Scottish football followers could teach their Italian counterparts a lesson in loving the game. “This is what we need in Italy, this type of environment,” the Milan coach said. “This was the essence of sport. To hear the Celtic fans singing and chanting after the game was incredible.” – Ancelotti (AC Milan Manager 2007, Fri. March 9th London Times).

“Rangers or Celtic?
My first feeling was Celtic. When I was 13 years old I saw for the first time in my life a European Cup final – Inter against Celtic. That image is, even today, clear in my mind; that day, that game, Jimmy Johnstone, Riva… I was so impressed. When I was in Mozambique, far away from football in Europe, I always remembered that day and that team. Especially because when they started to play in the national stadium in Portugal I thought Celtic were Sporting Lisbon because they dressed like Sporting.”
Carlos Quieroz (Man U assistant manager)

William Gaillard (UEFA’s director of communications and public affairs) speaking after the European Cup final between Liverpool and AC Milan in 2007, was asked about what is going to be done in the future when another British club gets into the final and there is the same problems of fan behaviour/troubles getting into the ground. His answer?
“……Well, Celtic fans a couple of years ago went to Seville in the Uefa Cup Final and took over 3 times the amount of fans there. There was not one bit of trouble as all the fans that had no tickets stayed in the square and had a big party. Every team should follow Celtic’s fan behaviour and that mentality”
(William Gaillard, UEFA’s director of communications and public affairs, 24/05/07 Sky Sports News)

“Celtic, like Barcelona, are more than a football club. Our clubs are a symbol of a culture and community that has not always been made welcome in their respective countries.”
Xavi (Barcelona midfielder)

“Every professional footballer should seek to play at least one game at Celtic Park. I have never felt anything like it”
Paolo Maldini (AC Milan & Italy legend)

“Celtic fans are some of the greatest supporters I know,” he said.
AC Milan midfielder Clarence Seedorf (Oct 2007)

On Eurosport, they were looking at the highlights and lowlights of the last round of CL games. One of the lows was the tackle on Scott Brown, but the highlights were the Celtic fans. To paraphrase the commentator “You may think your fans are good but take look at these” before showing YNWA (and gave it respect in silence). He also added: “You may have it good here at Anfield but the Celtic fans do it best!” Superb stuff.
Eurosport (Nov 07)

“It will stick in my mind for ever that after the game the Celtic players were extremely good sportsmen and, together with their supporters, they gave us a standing ovation when we were receiving the cup.”
Eddy Pieters Graafland (Feyenoord goalkeeper) after the 1970 European Cup final

“Celtic have all the cool people supporting them. Rangers have me and Wet Wet Wet!!!”
Alan McGee’s lament on the great truth
(Alan McGee was the founder of Creation Records and the former manager of Oasis (who also happen to be Man City and Celtic fans))

“Anyone going to Celtic Park now is saying, ‘You’ve got to beat that atmosphere, the energy they spend in their games’.”
Alex Ferguson (Sep 08)

“When I was at Porto my team also played in the UEFA Cup final against a Scottish side – but it was Celtic. I’ve never seen such emotional people. It was unbelievable!”
Jose Mourinho (ex-Porto Manager) looking back on the UEFA cup final 2003 (May 2008)

“The Celtic fans are incredible. It is always great to play there.”
Ronaldo (Man U & Portugal player) Nov 08

‘The Greatest Team on Earth’
Local billing for Celtic on a visit to the Midlands in the 1890s, shows how great and long our history is

“Celtic appear to have magical powers of obtaining new players and in a few months instilling them with the Celtic Spirit.”
James Gordon, captain of Rangers in 1916

“Celtic Park, where a man is judged by his football alone”
Willie Maley

“This Celtic football club is much more than a football club to a lot of people its a way of life-”
Robert Kelly (ex-Chairman)

“Football without the fans is nothing”
Jock Stein

“We don’t want to live with history, to be compared with legends from the past. We must make new legends”.
Jock Stein (After winning his first league title as Celtic manager in 1966)

“You could take all the derby matches in the world and put them together and they still wouldn’t equal one-millionth of the Old Firm. There’s nothing like it.”
Paolo Di Canio

“Celtic is far more than a football club. The traditions, the history, the warmth – you have to experience it every day to really understand this.”
Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink (June 08)

“Our stadium is a phenomenal place, and is difficult to put across just how much it means to play for this club, and what this club means to so many, and how well known it is in any part of the planet until you experience playing at the stadium. Celtic is a way of life and very important for the Scots and the Irish, wherever they have emigrated to, and wherever you go, they applaud you and support you”
Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink

“That’s was so special about them right there, Jim. Just right up there; that’s what’s so special about them. They’re there and they’re always there. And God bless every one of them”
Tommy Burns, May 1988 (being interviewed just after we’d won the league and cup double in our Centenary year)

“Spurs was a part of my life, they gave me a chance, an experience at a big club and I owe them for that. But I tell you what, I’d walk to Glasgow today for a chance to play for Celtic one more time.”
Ramon Vega (2008)

Do not forget how great our club is.

#176293 CELTICS IN'S and OUT'S

Posted by Kennys Dugleash on 09 May 2011 - 10:30 AM

Hi guy's I did one of these about mid season and thought now would be about the right time to sort out who has impressed you this season and who has failed to reach the standards of what you deem fit to wear the hoops.
This of course is a personal opinion and everyone has their own opinion of what makes a good player,it could be SKILL
Or simply all of the above,anyways I shall list all of the players that have featured and some that haven't and we
can all reflect on a very,very interesting and to be honest
crazy mixed up season in Scotland's very own SP HELL.

Ps.I know the season is not over yet but I do believe with
3 games to go we have all seen enough of each player to pass judgement on whether you want them here come first day of the new season.
3 games don't make you a Celtic player a season does.
So here we go:




ZALUSKA-I thought Zaluska was going to be the ideal replacement for Boruc as when he arrived he put some decent performances in and looked the part,However when Artur left and the responsibilty of being no1 on a weekly basis arrived Zaluska for me became a bit shaky especially
in set peices,pre season he had a mare and for me never really recovered.

VERDICT: Does not inspire confidence he has to go,we need a class Keeper and he is not it.


CERVI: Been out on loan at Dundee I gather and to be
honest I have not seen to much of him so I wont pass judgement yet,He should get his chance next season or If surplus to requirement move him on.

VERDICT: Give him a run out pre season and 6 months in
the first team.


FORSTER: Yes I know he's NEWCASTLES but I think if we can get the big man for a decent price then he for me has done enough to secure a permanent deal.
He is still young and a bit rough round the edges but I
think this guy will improve given time and proper coaching.

VERDICT: Definately sign him up if possible.


HINKLE: I like Andy he is a decent player and very consistant,a real shame he has been out for so long as I
think with him Wilson and Cha the Right Back position is covered.

VERDICT: I think we should offer Andy a 12 month contract
as I gather he may be out of contract and see how his leg
and fitness is as his ability is not in question for me a good solid proffesional.

12 MONTH CONTRACT/With option to extend for another 12 months.

WILSON: Well what a season this bhoy has had,for me he has been a very important part of all things that have been good about Celtic.A definite yes for me no questions,I have seen enough.


CHA DU-RI :He for me has been a bit of a dissapointment because when he arrived I thought with his experience at International level and in the Bundesleague he would have been a standout performer...well he has'nt been.
He's fit as a fiddle and has pace to burn the grass but his defending from what I have seen is lacking a bit.

VERDICT: If he can be replaced with better then I think we
should do so if not then he is adequate back up for Wilson and Hinkle(if he stays).


DAN: He flatters to decieve I reckon,Is he a better defender than Caldwell or McManus? I dont think so...He looks the part and can tackle but his heading ability is shocking for a guy of his stature and experience ESPECIALLY in front of
the oposition goal on set pieces..hes mince up there.

VERDICT: Keep for back up next season then get a vet in or put him out to grass sorry Dan your race is nearly run pal.


MULDINI: Well what can I say about Charlie? i think he has done great this year under the circumstances,after a really
shaky start at Left Back he has performed admirably at CB in my ipinion and to be honest has looked a better CB than the rest of them bar young Rogne.
He can be our utility man I feel slotting in at CB or LB or
even MF as he has good delivery in him.

VERDICT: Definately keep,like a Ford fiesta cheap to run,nowt to look runs a bit lumpy at times but gets you
from A to B.


ROGNE: Good young prospect in the making here,could be another Mjalby given time and proper coaching( by Mjalby )He's done pretty well I think for a young guy,very mature in his approach and he can head the ball aswell ffs.

VERDICT:Definately keep,play and mould for the future a proper CB in the making.
Would like to see him going up for set pieces more in future and leave desperate back in defence(or in the dugout if Wilson is any good)


LOOVENS: Sorry Glenda it aint happening pal have you
considered modelling?

VERDICT: Shut the door on the way out.


O'DEA: O' Dear


EMILLIO: Class wee player has bags of ability etc etc etc suprlatives etc etc...has a tendency to leave space at the back though our CB's should be covering that space and be ready for the ball over the top or even the left side of MF should be dropping in their to help out allowing the wee man to run at the oposition .

VERDICT : Got to keep this guy and get scouting for another LB as we are weak in this area,Muldini and Ledley can cover but I would like to see a young version of Izzy in their as back up.



MCGINN: I dont think he is good enough to be honest and I probably imagine Lenny may be thinking the same thing?
Had a decent start to the season and then dissapeared with us playing the likes of Commons and Forest out there.


MALONEY: I like Shaun and think he has real abilty,i feel he can still add something to our side as he showed early in the season turning in motm performances week in week out.
It's just the injuries that bother me so It all depends on them.

VERDICT: 6 Month Contract and if he stays fit then give him another 12 month contract.


FORREST: Terrific young talent,exploded onto the scene with some terrific performances but unfortunately had a few injuries which I believe cost him the Young Player Of The Year award. his form has dipped a bit recently but he's young and I believe next season will be massive for young James.



JUAREZ: This wee guy has not had much of a chance this year which is not supprising as our midfield has been fairly solid and settled,he brings energy and is like a wasp in a jar but I ask myself is that enough?

VERDICT: I would give him 6 Months ro prove himself and that includes pre season where I would like to see more of him.


Is capable of some very good stuff Broonie nd does lead by example and from what I have heard is great around the training ground and dressing room.



KI-SUNG: He has had a right up and down season for me,has improved on his physical side of play at the expense of his passing IMO.


LEDLEY: Mr consistancy in my opinion,been a great signing by Lenny cost us fuck all and has delivered plenty.
The unsung hero in the engine room Lenny MK2.




COMMONS: What a signing,what a bargain folks his open play and finishing are tremendous,clever player bags of talent and I have said this before this Bhoy has the POTENTIAL to have as big an impact at CP are HENKE.
Over 20 goals this season from midfield both ar Derby and


PADDY: Inspirational player with bags of ability and I think he will only improve at Celtic.
His fitness was always a worry though I think that has improved,would like to see him and Commons on the pitch at the same time could be quite a sight that.

VERDICT: Real raw talent,definately hold onto him as he's not on a fortune and can be a matchwinner (in style)


LJUNGBERG: Wtf? Waste of resources this in my opinion,that NO7 jearsey better be on Commons in August in my opinion as far as I can see Freddy has just been fed and watered for 4 months at Celtics expense.

VERDICT: Waste of money,go and do some modelling with GLENDA



STOKES: Good buy,Scores goals,great ability and has the most assists at Celtic aswell as goals.
My type of forward really very industrious and very good feet and a sharp brain.


HOOPER: I like Hooper,fantastic start to the season though to be honest hes gone off the boil in the last 2 months.
Him and Stokes have a great understanding and when they arrived I mentioned the fact they reminded me of Johnston and McClair and they haven't let me down on that.
Together they are lethal and I think next season could be immense with those two battering teams.



SAMARAS: Well I may not be too popular when I say this (Controversy is not a problem for me) ;)..but I think Sammy has a major role to play at CP next season.
He is our lone striker role man.
European away games and games against the forces of darkness Sammy is yer man.
He infuriates and exasperates all at the same time but he can on his day be totally unplayable.

VERDICT: If we can find a more consitant replacement and get £3-4 million for Sammy then yes let him go.
If not then I am happy for him to stay for another 12 months


MURPHY:Not the best of seasons from the big guy I think,he is a bit of an Enigma to me why was he signed?
To replace Sammy? That asside the goal he scored last week was well very unlike Daryl Murphy?
maybe Lenby knows something we dont know and maybe big Murph has real ability and a part to play?


Well that's more or less it for me though I have to say next year I would like to see some of our youth on the bench and in Pre-season,the likes of Matty Hughes, Toshney,Gormley,Twardzik(both) Keatings etc.
These bhoys must be ready for the step up surely and I for one cannot wait to see some real young talent crossing the white line and making some headlines.

Whatever happens these next 3 games I for one cannot wait for pre-season a few new faces and some youth to get us on the road again.



#217856 fall all you huns having a nosey

Posted by McGuire on 17 February 2012 - 07:12 PM

Don't think the Scum can see this without registering?

I might be wrong.... BUT THE LEAGUE TABLE ISN'T :celticscarf: :cup: :celticscarf: :yahoo:

In that case :) I hope it is taken in the spirit it was made :)


#183707 This is our Year.

Posted by marmarisbhoy on 21 July 2011 - 10:53 AM

Sunday and its all action again for the Hoops in a new and exciting season just about to start.

This article is for all the players who pull the famous jersey over their head this coming season, and for ALL the Hoops fan wherever they are in the world.

To quote a famous commentator from May 1998:

Scarves, banners, jerseys. Green and white hoops, raised in triumph. It may not have been a vintage Championship, but believe me, it will taste as sweet to these Celtic supporters, as any they have ever secured. Because they have stopped Rankers from taking away the history book record of ten-in-a-row, and perhaps the best tribute should be paid by simply listening for a few seconds, to the Celtic fans, singing their beloved anthem.

So many great and illustrious names speak so fondly about us because of what we stand for in sport.

Yes, my time at Celtic is over, but this is not a time to be sad. I would be sad if I had never played for Celtic. Lubo Moravcik : May 2002

I fell a bit in love with Celtic, because the atmosphere was amazing and the crowd was magnificent, the way they behaved with the Porto fans. Jose Mourinho : June 2003

I know the expectations of the Celtic fans. That is to win the League, and put Rankers in their place. Chris Sutton : Aug 2000

The incredible thing was the people. For an opposition player it is quite incredible. I have not seen a better atmosphere from the grounds I have visited. Gerard (FC Barcelona) : 2004

The atmosphere generated by the fans in Celtic’s stadium for our visit was the most impressive I’ve ever witnessed. The grounds of Liverpool and Manchester United are good and the hostile feeling of playing against Real Madrid in the Bernabeu is also excellent, but the atmosphere against Celtic was the best. Xavi (Barcelona) : Sep 2004

The best fans on the continent. El Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona

I speak for everyone when I describe the behaviour of the Celtic supporters as immaculate. With all the bother concerning racial insults and hooligan behaviour, these fans were a breath of fresh air. Barcelona Police spokesman

The atmosphere here tonight was unbelievable and it's an honour to play in such an arena. Oliver Khan (Bayern Munich)

Celtic fans, you are great, you are marvellous. Sepp Blatter, FIFA President

Celtic Park is the noisiest ground in the world. Hugh Dallas

Celtic : Bohemian, Underprivileged, Iconic
Rankers : Dour, Establishment, Aggressive. FourFourTwo Magazine

Everyone knows it is my feeling that Celtic's best player is their supporters. Last Wednesday was incredible. The small amount of Celtic supporters applauded my team after the game and my players could not understand it. They came back into the dressing room and said it was the first time it had ever happened to them. My players thought it was unbelievable. Vladimir Weiss (ArtMedia College Headmaster) : July 2005

Nothing could put me off Celtic. Even poking my eyes out wouldn’t stop me from going. If that happened, I’d still turn up for the atmosphere. Celtic is more than just a club.
We won but I don’t know the score. I just remember the sea of green and white. There were 70 to 80,000 Celtic fans really crammed in – it was the biggest crowd I’d ever seen. The Irish flag flew then, as it does now over Parkhead, and I thought I was at home. George Galloway : 2007

When we played at Celtic Park for Bayern in the Champions League it was unbelievable and I think all our players said the same thing afterwards. The atmosphere was just totally unique. I've played in lots of big games and stadiums but I've never witnessed fans making that much noise in 90 minutes. Owen Hargreaves : 23rd Jan '07

This is what we need in Italy - this type of environment. This was the essence of sport. To hear the Celtic fans singing and chanting after the game was incredible. Carlo Ancelotti (AC Milan) : 8th Mar '07

Not one person, no matter how hard they try, will take away the joy I feel today. The sense of pride I feel today is immense. This club is absolutely huge. No-one is bigger than Celtic Football Club. Gordon Strachan : 29th April '07

When I signed for Bolton they presented me to the crowd before the Jimmy Phillips testimonial. The Celtic fans made an impression on me because there were more of them than Bolton supporters at that game. Celtic are popular for testimonials because everyone knows they will fill the stadium - and I've always had great admiration of them. Their fans have a reputation as one of the best and that's on merit because of the great atmosphere they create. Eider Gudjohnsen : 17th Feb '08

I liked the way Celtic played against us - with their hearts. You never know, a team like them could win any time. If you believe in your own abilities and remain humble, surprises are always possible. Clarence Seedorf : 17th Feb '08

Celtic are a stronger team than Rankers, they take more risks when going forward. The two other Celtic teams I have played against are as strong as this side. They have a strong, direct game with players who will play until the last minute to get a result. Deco : 19th Feb ‘08

This place makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. There is nowhere like it in football, and I can see how the people love to play here and speak so highly of it. Samuel Eto'o : 20th February 2008

It will be a real pleasure to visit Celtic Park and feel the atmosphere of a great UEFA Champions League night at such a great venue. The Celtic supporters are fantastic, in fact the best travelling supporters in the world as we have seen many times. I know that Celtic supporters are extremely passionate about their club, a club which I believe, like FC Barcelona, is different. We know that supporters will travel in huge numbers to follow their team, but we also know the great reputation of good behaviour which Celtic fans enjoy and clearly we are looking forward to hosting the Celtic fans in the city once again. We hope all Celtic supporters enjoy their visit to Barcelona. Juan Laporta (President FC Barcelona) : 20th Feb 2008

Last night’s scintillating exhibition of football - ninety minutes of fast flowing football, in front of a packed house of what surely must be the best most passionate fans in Europe, is just about the best advert for the game that you could find. There are bound to be comparisons between last night’s game, and Barça’s 0-0 draw at Rankers in October. Rankers fans will argue that their side did better because they got a point, but football is not about scraping results. It is about entertainment, glory, and keeping supporters on the edge of their seats. Celtic fans experienced the thrill of scoring two goals and going in at half time winning. Hats off to their team for showing the bravery to attack when they could. I questioned the British press in October for calling Rankers “heroic”. Celtic may have lost last night, but they played their part in a thrilling encounter, and for me, are far more worthy of being described in such a way, than their city rivals. FC Barcelona Blog : 21st Feb 2008

He plays with his sleeves rolled up and is a leader for 90 minutes. He is always in there, rousing his team-mates. Lothar Matthaus (on Stilian Petrov) : March 06

I put wee Jinky into a cab and said to the driver 'Be careful, he's second only to Jesus Christ here'. And the driver replied, 'No, he's in first place, Jesus is second'. He's the biggest character I've ever met, and I've met a few. Robert Duvall (on Jimmy Johnstone).

Every professional footballer should seek to play at least one game at Celtic Park. I have never felt anything like it. Paolo Maldini

This is the most fantastic support in the world. I hope you win. Franz Beckenbaur (on Celtic v Bayern Munich)

I have never experienced anything like it. This is a lesson for all football clubs about how to be proper football supporters. This is the best club in the world. Michel Platini

The atmosphere inside Celtic Park is one of the best in Europe - it's absolutely incredible. Sven-Goran Eriksson

It is absolutely spectacular to see the fans like that. Alberto Gilardino (AC Milan)

In my experience, which embraces big matches at Old Trafford, Anfield, Ibrox, the San Siro and the Nou Camp, there's nowhere else remotely like Parkhead on a Champions League night. Brian Viner (The Independent)

The atmosphere the fans at Celtic Park generate is something that is unique in football and it is a factor that, for me, makes it impossible to predict the outcome of the game. The noise is unbelievable - and it's constant. From the moment the opposition players walk on the pitch they will not get a moment's peace until the final whistle. If you haven't experienced Celtic Park in full cry, it is very difficult to play your normal game. Players are used to playing in hostile grounds all over the world, but I can tell you that there is nothing to compare with Celtic Park. Lou Macari : 19th Nov ‘06

Celtic's achievement in reaching the last 16 of the Champions League has been rightly applauded, and attracts special merit due to the identity of the side they defeated to earn this coveted berth. But the clamour does also obscure one fact; they have been there 12 times already. The urge to re-write history needs to be curbed too, with the obsession of treating football as a game that dawned with the advent of the Champions League and Premiership in the early Nineties a particularly odious and, alas, now commonplace affliction. While few can deny the Champions League is a tougher testing ground in its current, sprawling form than its predecessor, the old format was at least a more accurate vehicle for measuring the true champions of Europe. Its aim was simple - place the names of all the title winners of Europe into a hat, and play-off until an ultimate winner is found. Alan Pattullo (The Scotsman) : 24th Nov '06
To see ourselves as others do makes me proud to be a Celtic Supporter.
lets bring the championship home this season where it rightly belongs.

#176786 Lennon agent: Neil won't quit

Posted by bobbylennox on 12 May 2011 - 07:02 PM

Hold on a second.

Does everyone realise what Neil Lennon is standing up for here?

If - and it is extremely unlikely and I would be astonished if it happened - but IF Neil walked away from the club now, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for Celtic FC to continue in Scottish football.

It would also be impossible for ANYONE to manage the club safely.

It would mean that sectarians, bigots, thugs and potential killers had decided who would be the manager of Celtic, IF AT ALL.

We can't go on talking and singing and thinking about what the club represents - about its values, its history, its traditions, its glories and then think somehow that the violence directed at Neil and the club is not connected with all that. Of course it is.

They want Celtic out. Finished. Destroyed.

Thats what was written all over that goon's face last night and that's why those 40-year olds were co-ordinating the parcel bombs and the bullets and the threats.

If Neil Lennon left Celtic under these circumstances, NO ONE would manage the club. They would ALL be subject to the same intimidation, the same abuse, the same nasty, evil campaigns, because IT WOULD HAVE WORKED.

This isn't Neil Lennon's fault. This isnt 'to do' with Neil Lennon. This is to do with Celtic FC and it has been bubbling away for decades in Scotland, and it has got worse exactly at the same time as the mouth of hell has opened up for the gamblers and squanderers and debt-ridden whoremongers of Ibrox, who are facing administration.

Just look at Scottish football. Have Scottish managers put out a statement in support of Neil Lennon? Have the collective chairmen of the SPL clubs issued a statement condemning the hounding of this man? Have Hearts actually apologised to Neil Lennon for the assault on him on their premises by one of their supporters last night?

Has Rangers FC jumped in to stand shoulder to shoulder with this manager of their great rivals as he faces life-threatening attacks?

Has McCoist, who says there is nothing he can do, thought that he might get off his fat arse and go to a match and sit beside Neil Lennon in the fucking dugout in a real gesture of support like a great human being would do?

Have the Scottish Referees, that mouthy bunch who are so keen to go on strike when anypone protests about their members lying, have they issued a statement condemning the campaign and expressing their respect and support for the manager of Celtic?

No. No. No. No. No.

And they wont either.

So I cannot imagine what would happen to Celtic FC if Neil Lennon were to be forced out now. If we were so helpless, so weak, so lacking in the ability to protect our staff that we could not guarantee the safety of the man in the dugout.

Day and daily, we have watched amazed as this man is targeted by thugs, sectarians and anonymous paramilitaries and as the football establishment keeps its trap shut, as if this was some kind of occupational risk.

I really hope Neil feels strong enough to stay at the club. I really hope Celtic can hire the armed security he may need to feel safe. I really hope the thugs can be arrested and the sewers they grow in can be rinsed out of the scum.

Because where would he go to ply his trade as a manager? Where would Celtic go to find a replacement?

The simple fact is that Neil Lennon, right now, represents in his own self every single value, tradition, achievement and glory of Celtic FC. He IS Celtic. Last night I watched John Clark standing baffled by the violence going on in front of him - an old white haired man - but he knew as well as anyone where it all came from. There was nearly 50 years of the club's history right there on the touchline.

All this shit has forced us all back on the reasons why the club was foudned in the first place, to give a voice to people who had none, to be on the side of the helpless and the bullied and intimidated and the oppressed. Thats not fanciful. Thats fact. Thats what Br Walfrid was all about. Anyone who thought that was all over and done with in history knows today they were wrong. Its all very much alive. We got used to the idea that it's about football. That was a luxury. It IS about football. But its also about what the club represents and why its a global brand and why we love it so much.

Because it stands for whats good and honest in its roots and the ordinary people who needed it to exist in order to have something that was on their side for a change.

Celtic need Neil Lennon right now. We all do. Because if Neil loses, if Celtic lose, we all lose everything we believe in.

And I dont mean football. And I dont mean the fucking SPL title either.

They can take that and work it up their holes.

Hail hail

#147834 Jock Stein

Posted by marmarisbhoy on 07 September 2010 - 03:06 PM

This friday marks the 25th anniversary of the death of the greatest manager in Scotland's history.

The 10th of September 1985, will always be remembered as a sad momemt in Celtic and Scotlands past, for on that eventful date at Ninian's Park in Cardiff Jock Stein died from a heart attack at the end of the game against Wales.

The result in this game virtually ensured Scotland's qualification for the 1986 World Cup Finals.

Posted Image

Born in Burnbank, South Lanarkshire, Jock Stein knew football would be his escape from the Lanarkshire coal mines. In 1937 he left Greenfield school in Hamilton and after a short time working in a carpet factory went down the pits to become a miner. The next year he joined the local Blantyre junior club.

He started out as a professional player with Albion Rovers in 1942 and continued to work as a miner during the week, while playing as centre-half on Saturday. He made a name for himself as a no nonsense centre-half and went on to make over 200 appearances for the Coatbridge club, which also included a brief loan spell to Dundee United in 1943. Rovers won promotion to the First Division in 1948.

In 1950 Jock signed for non-league Welsh club Llanelli Town. For the first time in his career, he became a full-time professional footballer on the sum of £12 per week.

Sadly, he was soon desperate to return to Scotland as he had left his wife and young daughter behind and his house had been broken into twice in his absence. His wish was granted in 1951, when on the recommendation of Celtic F.C. reserve team trainer Jimmy Gribben, Celtic bought him for £1,200.

Posted Image

He was signed as a reserve, but injuries incurred by first team players resulted in him being elevated to the first team. In 1952 he was appointed vice-captain and when captain Sean Fallon broke his arm the full captaincy was passed to Stein. He would be club captain until his Celtic playing career ended due to injury in 1956.

In 1953 he captained Celtic to Coronation Cup success when they unexpectedly beat Arsenal 1-0, Manchester United 2-1 and Hibernian 1-0 to become unofficial champions of Britain and in 1954, he captained Celtic to their first League championship since 1938 and first League and Scottish Cup double since 1914. During Scotland's performances in the 1954 World Cup Finals, Jock Stein watched and learned. Firstly, about the shambles of Scotland’s preparations and secondly about the continentals tactics, particularly the Hungarians who were revolutionising the game.

In 1956, Stein was forced to retire from football after persistent ankle injuries. He retired formally in Jan 1957, as a ankle injury in the league cup against Rangers led to the end of his playing career, and he wore the hoops for the last time against Coleraine in a close season match in 1956.

In total he played 148 games for Celtic and scored 2 goals. He was given the job of coaching the reserve and youth players and was responsible for persuading the board to purchase Barrowfield as a training ground. In 1958, he led the reserves to the second XI Cup with an 8-2 aggregate triumph over TFOD.

This was Jock's first success as a manager.

4 years as manager at the Pars, saw the big man take a mediocre side and built Dunfermline into a powerful force and guided them to their first Scottish Cup in 1961, ironically via a 2-0 replay victory over Celtic.

In 1962 they defeated Everton in the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup and only lost to Valencia in a third game play-off after retrieving a four goal first leg deficit.

1964, he was appointed manager of Hibernian, and again had an emmediate affect on the club.

Then it happened !!! On the 9 March, 1965 Stein returned to Celtic as their first non-Catholic manager.

Following a barren period of 8 years without a trophy for Celtic, he revitalised the team and just six weeks after becoming manager, led Celtic to Scottish Cup success in a 3-2 victory over his old club Dunfermline.

The next year Celtic were crowned Scottish champions for the first time since 1954, they also reached the semi-finals of the European Cup-Winners-Cup only to be knocked out on away goals by Liverpool.(dodgy decisions were brought into question in them days also btw)

Posted Image

Domestic treble's followed with Cup wins and League Cup wins.

Then the Biggy1967 European Cup against previous champions and Italian giants Inter Milan.

Despite initially falling behind to an Italian penalty his team triumphed 2-1, winning much admiration for the positive attacking quality of their football.

In winning club football's most prestigious trophy, Stein became the first man not only to guide a Scottish club to champions of Europe, but also the first to achieve this honour with a British club.

Celtic were also the first side from outside either the Iberian Peninsula or Milan to become champions of Europe. He also became the first manager of the first club in history to win all competitions entered.

The most remarkable feat, was that it was done with a a team comprised entirely of players from one country (Scotsmen), all born within 30 miles of a single city (Glasgow). The feat of winning the Champions Cup with a team full of native-born players was later matched by Steaua Bucharest. In a conversation with Bill Shankly shortly afterwards, Shankly famously told him "John, you're immortal now".

The following season, Celtic won the League and League Cup for the third season in a row. And in 1969 they won another domestic treble their second in three years. In 1970, Stein led Celtic to a League and League Cup double, they also finished runners-up in the Scottish Cup. He also guided them to their second European Cup final which they lost to Dutch side Feijenoord (now Feyenoord) in Milan. He was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) in 1970. The 70s brought continued success on the domestic front.

Posted Image

During this time Stein's Celtic won a then record nine consecutive Scottish Championships. Stein was badly injured in a serious car crash in 1975, he nearly died but eventually recovered, some felt that he was never quite the same man again. Celtic began to decline during the latter part of the 1970s.

In 1978 Jock parted company with his beloved Celtic.

There's the History, or near as damm it, but none of them words really describe the man who made our club a world renowned name globally,

Big Jock "was" Celtic. He looked after training, he never missed a session with his players, hounding, and when required, simple one to one talks with a player to get the best out of him.

Approachable to the fan outside the park, and spend many hours in the car park with fans like myself, he never stopped talking about Celtic.

On match days if you watched the dug-out you would see Big Jock going through all the emotion,s befitting a Celtic manager, and he was often heard through the noise of the Jungle roasting some player, or encouraging a celt for a better performance.

Simply explained, he was a Scottish football manager whose knowledge and common sense commanded attention,perhaps looking deeper into the core of his personality, he was driven at the peak of his powers by a profound dislike of Rangers.

After a stormy glasgow derby game in 1970, which Celtic won 3-1, the SFA laid down the law to both clubs about discipline, echoed by Celtic chairman Sir Bob Kelly, who came into the Celtic dressing room before the next Old Firm match to urge the players to uphold the club’s tradition of fair play. Stein waited until the chairman had cleared off, closed the door and said to the players: "You can forget that effing nonsense."

And, while his brilliant insights into the game, his tactical nous, his uncanny ability to read his opponents intentions were special attributes, it was his handling of men which distinguished him from others.

If there was one occasion which epitomised the grip he could exert on minds, both on and off the field, it was in Prague on April 25, 1967.

Celtic, leading Dukla 3-1 from the first leg of the European Cup semi-final, were to play one more game to become the first British side to reach a European final.

It ended 0-0. Before an hour had elapsed after the match Stein had convinced even his own chairman that he had had to sacrifice Celtic’s cherished tradition of attacking football and play defensively to achieve that result. "I'll never resort to these tactics again – never," Stein said. That has always been the accepted interpretation of that game. But it is pure myth.

As Bobby Lennox explained in his book some 20 years later: "If the big man set out a defensive pattern for us, then I must have missed the team-talk." Stevie Chalmers said: “Not a word was passed on to me like that. We just couldn’t keep the ball long enough.” Jimmy Johnstone assured me: "He only told me to play my usual game."

Jim Craig said: "The first remarks he made to the press immediately after the game were misinterpreted and when he saw the angle the press were coming from he let it ride, and then encouraged it."

This "was" the master and commander in full spate. He needed to put a positive slant on a game in which his side had been vastly outplayed, and gave assurance to the entire Celtic community that it was Celtic, not Dukla, who had called the shots.

Im sure all the celtic fans on here of a certain age will have their own memory's of the man who made Celtic Great, But the last line must fall to Bill Shankly after Celtic lifted the European Cup in 1967.

John ... you're immortal.

#246545 Celtic YNWA & full stadium display vs Barcelona

Posted by Gaffney on 07 November 2012 - 10:25 PM

Password is:


Posted by marmarisbhoy on 07 April 2012 - 12:59 PM

Congratulations Neil Francis Lennon all the squad, and the backroom team, you deserved it !!!!!!

Posted Image

Posted Image

#194112 Well Deserved Win

Posted by Kennys Dugleash on 19 September 2011 - 09:39 AM

Been off the Internet for a few weeks as I felt maybe it was time to take a step back and reflect on a year posting on CT and other "Lesser" sites like the DR Forum.

I have browsing other Celtic Forums to see just
how we actually differ from TFOD and I am happy to say the majority of fellow Bhoys & Ghirls are off a far different breed though I am unhappy to admit there is a wee element within
our rank and file who TBH are no different whatsoever?

Rangers deserved their well earned victory yesterday simply because they outfought,outplayed and wanted it more.
Sally McMoist proved he was no dumpling and chose his best eleven and played them in their best positions thus allowing them to concentrate on the job inhand.
He also showed a great deal of Dignity in both his handling off the Mulgrew sending off and post match interview which I felt he covered superbly for a "Rookie" boss.

So well done Sally and well done Rangers you put on a fine performance and deserved your win.

Celtic on the other hand got exactly what we deserved from the game?

Sweet FA.

We are not the finished article - NO WHERE NEAR IT I am reluctant to say.

Our deficiencies were all to apparent yesterday and Rangers exploited these readily and clinically.

Our goalkeeping problem still exists.
Our defensive weakness is still there.
Our inability to turn up for the big games(of which there are at least 4 every season)and fight for every single ball is still in the mindset of our "best" players.
Our frontline is not firing when it matters most.

Yes we pumped Motherwell 4-0 but every goal came from the mid field,up against the big sides like Atletico or St Johnstone they go missing all too often?

My point is folks Rangers are the finished article and Sally only needs to bring in 2-3 players to keep them ticking over as we as a Club continue to under invest and inevitably under achieve at this level one weekend in 4 on average.

As for our support well I think it's only a matter of time before the honeymoon period is over for Lenny and negative element within the ranks who still watch the "Larsson Era" on DVD every night get their way and both Lenny and the board are forced to go just like the unfortunate Mr Strachan and Mr Mowbray -who incidentally has Middlesborough sitting pretty at the sharp end of the Championship in England in case you had'nt realized?.

Forget Larsson-he's gone....history,just like Mon,Wgs,Stein and all the rest.

Wake up an smell the Coffee Bhoys & Ghirls we are a second rate team playing in a third rate League surviving on crumbs and shopping at Aldi for players.

Under investment over the past 5-6 years has finally taken it's toll and even a weak,almost tramp like Rangers are a match for us on any given day folks and it's time for all of us to re evaluate where we are at I feel?

We are a Big Club in a small league but unfortunately that League has gotten so small and insignificant even the Swiss and Swedish no longer fear us?

I love Celtic, I always have and always will folks and I will always defend the good name of this once mighty Club but even I after 40 odd years have to put my hands up and say "we are no longer a force in football".


Some of our fans seem to think that Celtic Football Club exists as an extension of the IRA and Irish Republicanism,some fans also seem to think that Celtic have a Devine right to simply turn up against any opposition and simply play like the Lisbon Lions or the Class of Seville and walk away with an easy 3 points?


If you are any of the above then I suggest you are either dilusional or a glory hunter.

I follow Celtic simply because I instantly fell in love with the colours and the passion of a Club set up for people like my ancestors who turned up in Their droves on the west coast of Scotland under dire circumstances and in need of help.

Celtic is in my veins as like no doubt it is with many of you.
When we lose it hurts-NO HARM IN ADMITTING THAT.
When we win it is a wonderful thing...
Bit when we win playin beautiful,attacking and free flowing football?

That for me is just the best feeling ever.

I don't expect that every week in fact I just pray nowadays it happens once or twice a season though I am at least honest enough to acknowledge and admit we simply do not have the players or the finaces to create such an environment nowadays...and that's a fact. :(

Well as I said at the beginning of this long winded pile of sentimental dribble,I have taken a few weeks to take a step back and reflect on a year of posting and blogging on CT and I have come to a decision that it's time to go back to basics and simply go back to listening to games on my radio in my car and hope and pray that The Celtic one day get back to where I feel they deserve to be playing on the biggest stage and going toe to toe with Europes Elite once again.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on here and wish you all the best.
I hope Lenny sorts it out and the support continue to back him up and we as a Club secure the League this season.

If we don't?
Well it's not the end of the world folks that's football after all..It's only a game.

Adios and remember.....

"We Are Celtic Supporters ....FAITHFUL THROUGH AND THROUGH"


#142927 Fergus The Great

Posted by HenryClarson on 12 August 2010 - 02:04 AM

There are three figures who tower above every other legend who has served Celtic football club in the one hundred and twelve years since its inception. Without these three men, there would quite simply be no Celtic as we know it today.

The first of them is obviously Brother Walfrid, the Marist brother who founded the club with the laudable aims of raising money to alleviate poverty while simultaneously establishing a basis for unity between the Protestant and Catholic communities that shared a common Celtic heritage.

The second would undoubtedly be Willie Maley. Maley played for the club in its very first season and nine years later he became the manager when he was only 29 years old. He immediately won the league and went on to become Celtic's most successful manager ever, winning every possible competition. By the standards of the time, "major" trophy successes totalled sixty-three tournaments. But far more importantly, Maley defined the Celtic style and it was his insistence that success had to be attained through entertaining, attacking and skilful football that still remains his most significant legacy. Even the glorious victories of Jock Stein's era were but a return to the ethos that Willie Maley had embedded in the club's very soul.

It may yet be some time before it is universally appreciated that without the appearance of Fergus McCann in 1994, all of these achievements would have been rendered irrelevant. Celtic was on the verge of oblivion, swallowed up in debt that it could not hope to repay, and by March of that year the Bank Of Scotland had begun the process of placing the club in receivership.

The football team was awful. Since winning the double in the Centenary season, Celtic hadn't managed to finish higher than third in the table and were on course to limp in behind the mighty Motherwell for a fourth place finish.
The stadium was falling apart and unfit to meet the requirements of the Taylor Report which demanded all-seater stadiums. This ignominy was compounded by UEFA regulations which insisted that only a few thousand spectators could stand on the terracings for matches in European competitions. The consequence of this was that attendances (and revenue) for European matches were severely limited. Crowds of around twenty- to thirty-thousand watched Celtic's brief, hopeless forays into Europe in the seasons when we actually qualified.

The club was at death's door.
The bank called in the overdraft and the inevitable bankruptcy drew near.

From the global community of millions of Celtic supporters, there was not one single person or group who was emerging with a remotely viable rescue plan, far less the finance to back it up.

Not one single person, that is, except for Fergus McCann.
With the Receivers less than twenty minutes away from padlocking the gates and plunging the club into administration, it was Fergus who forked out nine and a half million pounds of his own money to stop the execution. He had absolutely no guarantee that he would ever see one penny of it again. He could have waited until after midnight and bought the club's title for a small fraction of that price and started a new business under the name of Celtic FC. But for the sake of the club's honour, he paid off all of its outstanding debts and funded its entire operating costs for the remainder of the season.

I can remember that day vividly. No-one who experienced it will ever forget the tension, the dread and the sheer desperation which were pretty close to being unbearable. If you think of the last ten minutes of, say, the 1-0 win over Manchester United when it seemed that the referee would never blow the final whistle... a free-kick to United on the edge of the box... Maloney deflecting it away for a corner... NO! A PENALTY to United! Artur's save... the ball coming back into the box... cleared, losing possession again... still no whistle... time added on for stoppages... can we hang on? ... CAN we hang on?...your heart is racing, your stomach is in a knot, your fingernails are chewed to shreds.

Imagine feeling that way all day long as the dawn breaks on what seems likely to be Celtic's very last day of existence.

With no internet forums or SIMS messages to bring news updates, imagine waiting for every radio news bulletin to hear if there is any chance of a reprieve from the death sentence.
Imagine feeling the hope draining away when there is still no report of a stay of execution as the day enters its final hour, its final half-hour, its last fifteen minutes.

By this time you're trying to face up to the inevitable but you still don't know how you'll really react when the midnight hour arrives and the newsreader announces that, "After one hundred and six years, Celtic Football Club is no more. The business has just entered into receivership, bringing to an end one of Scotland's most beloved institutions..."

And then..!
Don't tell me that this is a sick joke...?
No? Really?
It's true!! It's actually happened! We're saved!
Fergus has done it!

No last minute winning goal ever has or ever will come close to the moment when the news was announced that Fergus McCann had saved Celtic from absolute extinction.
"The Rebels have won!"
Ecstatic tears of unlimited relief were streaming down the faces of big, hairy men who danced and embraced each other with a depth of emotion that surpassed even the jubilation of the Estadio Nacional in 1967.
We had been blindfolded, standing on the gallows trapdoor while a noose tightened around our throats and now, somehow, we were walking away unscathed. It felt like rising from the dead.
I wonder if anybody can even begin to imagine how that felt unless they've actually been there.

If that had been all that Fergus achieved, he'd still be a legend but in fact it was only the beginning.

He boldly promised that he would leave again in five years time after he had built the biggest and best football club stadium in Britain, placed the club on a sound financial footing with a solid business structure, put the ownership of the club in the hands of the supporters, unfurled the league championship flag, stopped the ten-in-a-row, re-established Celtic's European reputation, created the framework for a Youth Academy, expanded the club's commercial base and overtaken Rangers in revenue, attendance and performance.

It's almost beyond belief that he achieved every one of those goals. On top of that he pulled off the most successful share issue in the history of football and gave every Celtic supporter the opportunity to become a part-owner of the club. He established the "Bhoys Against Bigotry" campaign. He stood up to the SFA, went head to head with their Chief Executive, the loathsome arch-bigot Jim Farry, and destroyed him in a landmark court case. Under Fergus, the average attendance figures doubled. Celtic had never come remotely close to selling 50,000 season tickets before Fergus arrived. I think 17,000 would have been nearer the mark in a good year under the old boards.

At the hands of the idiots of the Scottish journalistic profession, Fergus was ridiculed, scorned, mocked, misrepresented, attacked and lambasted. But he was almost invariably right and they were proved wrong.

By the time Fergus took his leave, Celtic was unrecognisable from the shambles he had inherited. Every single department of the club had been revitalised and a firm foundation had been laid down for the success of the MON years and beyond. Celtic was transformed from being a laughing-stock in its death throes into one of Europe's most prestigious clubs and the continent's mightiest teams would do lap of honour if they so much as earned a draw in Parkhead.

I look forward to the day when Fergus's statue stands outside Celtic Park and the North Stand is also renamed in his honour.
He deserves no less.

The last word, ironically, should go to the former Rangers director Hugh Adams.
Adams was the man who effectively financed the rebuilding of Ibrox through his astute creation and management of the Rangers Development Fund and also the Rangers Pools.
As the first and most outspoken board member at Ibrox to openly criticise Murray's financial recklessness, he subsequently resigned his directorship and sold all of his shares in 2002.
He said,""Fergus was the most unjustly maligned man in the history of the game, when you consider that he took the club from bankruptcy into the mainstream and built that stadium along the way. Now, the Celtic board have more financial heavyweights than Rangers."

(That Hugh Adams interview in The Scotsman is something that every Celtic supporter should be aware of, by the way.
It's one of the best pieces I've ever seen in a Scottish newspaper.)

Further reading about Fergus McCann.

More Fergus...

#260459 Celtic V St Johnstone

Posted by italiancelts on 08 May 2013 - 03:20 PM



ciao Bhoys,

Saturday 11 may marks the anniversary of Johnny Doyle 's birth, the celt whom our Csc is dedicated to. as a group of our members will be at the match, we ask you to join us at Jock Stein's statue (the man who signed Doyle) at 11,30 am to commemorate Doyle with 1 minute of silence. then, if you want, print our paper linked here above and show it to the players at the kick off. it's our little gesture to honour our great celt, gone but not forgotten. Hail Hail -

The Italian Celts csc

#211749 Neil Lennon squad management - ratings

Posted by awolz1 on 03 January 2012 - 12:06 AM

Alright this has to be tackled and I have had enough rum and coke (Havana Club not Bacardi) to tackle it.

Neil Lennon and Peter Lawell attacked the restructuring of the squad with shall we say gusto, many on here and elsewhere made comments about "not another midfielder" , we need a CB (and clearly we still do) but the effectiveness of hsi signings have been for me nothing short of astounding.

We have used and needed every fuckin one of them to date, brilliant management!

You take for example those out on loan, only Juarez (we sold him didn't we? ) was bought and didn't live up to expectations, everyone else out on loan was pretty much an encumbant, as for Juarez I think that was down to him not performing the role he was bought for, similar to that eejit Gravesen, couldn't take instruction!

So here we are, January 2nd a huge points swing, we are finally top of the league, playing well , finally, and munching through opposition like a coos in a field.

Is it not time we all agreed that the Neil Lennon is a tremendous manager, considering age and experience. Really we have landed on our feet big time having this guy so in love with our club. We have a huge turnover in players, a young, endlessly hungry and talented squad, we have atmosphere, thanks GB for most of what you do, we have a balance sheet that allows activity, we are not at the tax mans door begging forgiveness, we are CELTIC we are STRONG, we are getting STRONGER, the players believe in Neil, they believe in what he is doing and where we are going, not one of our squad willl leave before summer 2013. they will ALL stay to play in the CL this year, everyone of them, god help everyone if we get BABA and a CB.

We have a youth system to rival the best, our clubs reputation grows, we have talent in abundance and the structure in place to continue it.

Job done lads, seriously.

As an aside, we are going to walk this league for a decade.

Neil Lennon :clap:

#193433 No Complaints

Posted by crosas~17~ on 15 September 2011 - 09:15 PM

I thought that was a no bad performance there. Other people will disagree but I thought we played as well as could be realistically expected. The reason we lost the game is Atletico have better players and a better team, they can spend £40m on a striker and we can't. Conceding early was disappointing but I for one am happy with our performance tonight, no disasters, embarrassments or calamities. As Lennon is saying right now, we just lacked a cutting edge. It is difficult to get the balance right in these games where if you go all out attack you leave yourself open at the back and if you sit back there is no chance of a goal. I urge everyone to gain a bit of realism and see how well we passed the ball and defended (for the most part) against a good team.

Roll on Sunday! Posted Image

#151791 Celtic Team Poll

Posted by Kennys Dugleash on 09 October 2010 - 01:04 PM

Thought I would do a quick poll to see where we are all at as regards Lenny and the Bhoys.
Just something to whittle away a couple of minutes of your very busy schedules.
Ive tried to vary the answers to allow for a couple of points of view I hope you all participate.

#150931 Celtic 3-1 Hamilton Match Reviews

Posted by tarboltontim on 02 October 2010 - 04:15 PM

Celtic opened showing their intent with a chest down by Hooper to Maloney giving the first chance of the match on 12 seconds but the shot fired wide.

On 3 minutes a corner from the right by Imrie was played to the far post, headed across goal from Canning and McLaughlin nodded it in for an early goal to Hamilton.

The loss of an early goal did not silence the home support and the crowd kept behind the Bhoys who began to press immediately from the restart and the ball was in the Hamilton box twice within the next 90 seconds but none of the Hoops were there to complete.

Hasselbaink had an excellent opportunity in 6 minutes from a darting run but Forster pulled off a wonderful save.

Accies continued with long balls and threats on goal for the next few minutes. The Bhoys remained calm, kept shape and played the ball with decent possession.

Dougie Imrie flashed a ball across the goal in 11 minutes to bring a great save from Forster. From the corner the ball came to Goodwin whose shot at the near post brought a reaction save to put the ball over. Paixio’s corner from the left was cleared by the head of Samaras but only as far as Grant Gillespie whose shot was saved by Forster.

Celtic began to take more control in the midfield and played a number of fast probing balls without the killer touch in the last third. A through ball to Maloney in 18 minutes was badly controlled and cleared. A Samaras opportunity from the throw-in was Celtic’s first real shot on target but saved by Cerny.

A cross from Ledley on the left came in low to Maloney but the ball was cleared by Cerny.

Cha’s cross on 19 minutes brought a save from Cerny and only seconds later Ledley’s delivery again put the Hamilton goalie under pressure as did crosses from Ki and Cha.

A good cross by Cha was cleared by Canning who put the ball out for a corner. Ki’s ball found Majstorovic who knocked it back in and Maloney made no mistake with his header to level the score on 25 minutes.

Celtic kept up the pressure playing well down both sides and through the middle maintaining good possession and pushing the Hamilton defence with well crossed balls from Cha and Ledley and forceful play bringing corners for the Hoops.

After the first 15 minutes of Hamilton pressing, Celtic dominated possession and dictated play with the ball rarely leaving the Hamilton half unless for Celtic to control and build from midfield.

Hamilton came briefly back into the game around the 35th minute pushing into the Celtic half but were unable to really pressure the Celtic goal.

The Bhoys soon re-grouped and pushed play back into the Hamilton half with a couple of good moves down the left and more probing play through the middle. A Hamilton foray on 42 minutes saw a shot from Piaxio fly wide when the better option was to play on any of three team-mates.

Celtic changed shape for the start of the second half with Ki playing just forward of the back line and Brown and Juarez a little deeper.

Four minutes in and a corner from Ki found Loovens who placed the ball just wide of the left post.

On 51 minutes Maloney collected a ball from Brown and moved into the 18 yard box but his low shot was covered by Cerny.

Samaras picked up a slack ball from Hamilton and raced down the wing only to be fowled by Mensing who picked up the 1st yellow card of the game. Ki’s delivery from the free kick bounced in front of Cerny who struggled but pulled off the save.

Hamilton tried hard to pass their way up the park but were well contained by Celtic until a fowl by Brown gave the visitors an out-road. The ball was played down the Celtic left until cut out by Majstorovic and played out to the right. Three quick passes took the ball to the touchline and a Celtic corner. Ki’s ball in was missed by everyone and finally cleared from the middle of the Hamilton half.

The ball was soon back in the Hamilton half and another corner was flighted in by Ki. Majstorovic’s header flew just high.

Hamilton again pressed into the Celtic half but they struggled to gain the final third until a flighted free-kick brought a corner on the left. Paixio’s corner found Canning on the far post but the header was well held by Foster.

The cleared ball found Maloney who should have done better with his final touch which only found the arms of Cerny.

Celtic continued to hold possession then, on 62 minutes Brown was fouled a few yards outside the box. Before the restart Stokes replaced Efrain Juarez.

Maloney’s free kick from 23 yards was beautifully taken and found the top left corner giving the Hamilton keeper no chance. 2-1.

Hamilton pressed from the restart but good back-tracking from Samaras prevented any real threat from a Hasslebaink run.

The Bhoys were keen to find another goal and kept the ball deep in the Hamilton half apart from the occasional long clearance.

A cross from Cha found Maloney at the left post but his shot was blocked out by Cerny for a corner. Ki’s corner was cleared well up the park.

A lovely one two between Cha and Hooper after a beautiful cut in from the right back almost brought the Korean his first goal on 69 minutes. Seconds later Hooper collected a through ball, sprinted into the edge of the box and made a perfect finish into the bottom left corner to take Celtic 3-1 ahead.

A triple substitution for Hamilton saw Casalinuovo, Marco Paixio and Wilkie replacing Hasselbaink, Goodwin and Gillespie in the 72nd minute.

Another through ball from Stokes to Hooper looked good until the no 88 was pushed wide. His return ball to Stokes brought a foul on the Celt and the delivered ball found the head of Samaras but the ball looped over.

Cerny’s short pass out was then intercepted by the Greek but his shot curled wide of the right post.

Daryl Murphy and Marc Crosas replaced Hooper and Samaras in the 77th minute.

On 80 minutes Brown had a chance from just outside the centre of the Hamilton box but failed to take the shooting opportunity and the ensuing tackles saw the ball run out for a by-kick.

A few long clearances from Hamilton brought little threat to the Celtic goal and Forster continued to keep stray balls well covered.

Hamilton kept possession in their own half but any forward balls were soon swept up by the Celtic midfield and backs with occasional long balls running off-side.

In 85 minutes a ball from Ledley found Ki on the right but the shot curled just wide.

A minute later a ball through from Ki to Stokes was flicked on to Maloney in the box but the shot was smothered and put out for a corner. The set-piece short corner caused no problems to Hamilton and the ball was cleared into the Celtic half.

Slack play from Hamilton in 89 minutes saw Cerny under pressure to clear and the ball was intercepted by Maloney who forced a corner from his shot. The corner floated in to Loovens whose effort went wide.

Brown picked up a booking for a soft foul on Hamilton’s Canning. The free kick was well cleared just as the referee blew for full time.

Celtic finished 3-1 with their 7th win of the season and the 15th consecutive SPL victory for Neil Lennon’s Bhoys.

• 26 Forster
• 04 Juarez
• 05 Majstorovic
• 11 Cha Du-Ri
• 22 Loovens
• 08 Brown
• 16 Ledley
• 18 Ki Sung-Yeung
• 09 Samaras
• 13 Maloney
• 88 Hooper
• 24 Zaluska,
• 12 Wilson,
• 31 Towell,
• 56 Twardzik, P.
• 17 Crosas,
• 10 Stokes,
• 27 Murphy
• 01 Cerny
• 04 Canning
• 06 McLaughlin
• 12 Buchanan
• 02 Goodwin
• 22 Routledge
• 24 Gillepsie
• 27 Mensing
• 07 Imrie
• 18 Flavio Paixao
• 30 Nigel Hasselbaink
• 19 Murdoch,
• 05 Graham,
• 03 Skelton,
• 11 McAlister,
• 14 Wilkie,
• 09 Damian Casalinuovo,
• 21 Paixao
Ref: O'Reilly

#123002 Sky Sports Transfer Centre

Posted by kevza on 31 January 2010 - 08:33 PM

Good link for the latest rumours/transfers as they happen.


Can be exciting to watch in the run up to the deadline.

#244695 More pics from Barcelona

Posted by carraigbhoy on 25 October 2012 - 08:36 PM

IMG_7845.JPG IMG_7836.JPG IMG_7863.JPG IMG_7865.JPG IMG_7860.JPG IMG_7859.JPG IMG_7857.JPG IMG_7850.JPG IMG_7853.JPG IMG_7837.JPG IMG_7843.JPG IMG_7841.JPG IMG_7840.JPG

#199333 Celtic vs Aberdeen

Posted by helen on 20 October 2011 - 08:25 PM

my first Celtic Match im going to we need a big performance and a good result to keep the pressure on the scum probably there will be changes again to the team not easy against Aberdeen