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Celtic vs Norwich City

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dundalk celt

Celtic Regular

Reputation: 150
Im not going to start cracking up , untill the real shit starts next week , ultimatly these results are only a big deal if we lose to helsinki, if we win 4 nothing then they become irrelavent.



Celtic Regular

Reputation: 94
Zaluska bearly tested
Lustig forgot he was playing he was that quiet
Rogne played decent
K. Wilson subbed 35min speaks for itself
Izaguirre not quiet bk to full yet
McGeouch played gd but headless chicken
McCourt, king paddy
F.Twardzik played rather gd
Samaras played gd bit gready
Commons headless chicken
Murphy fat lazy basterd
Forster played ok
Wanyama looks. Like he's minds not there
Matthews never played
Hooper never got into the game realy
Bangura headless chicken but improved during gme
Forrest lacks matchfitness

Don't sell mccourt, paddy mccourt
A just don't think you'll understand
But if you sell mccourt, paddy mccourt
Your gone to have a riot on your hands



Celtic Reserves Player

Reputation: 82
I dont know what losing to Norwich tells us, other than 'we arent there yet', wherever 'there' is. There will need to be a major upgrade in individual performances for Helsinki and there also needs to be some clearer sense of how Celtic FC goes about playing its football tactically.

Izzy improved but his delivery was poor. Samaras was a plus, a very awkward customer for any defence, though finish and distribution are still eccentric. McCourt did well in MF (but he won't be seen again for months). Twardzik showed promise and maturity and I liked much of Dylan too, Lustig also was keen going forward but not so nimble at the rear. Commons is already at match gear, not sure about Hooper and a few others. The youngsters are not there yet by some distance in terms of skill. There is a tendency for Rogne and Wilson to panic at the back because they are both very slow, but right across the defence line there are big issues and we are dangerously exposed by long balls down the middle and crosses and set pieces - this is like five years ago. I have nothing at all to say about Murph or Bangura.

I hope we all turn up for Helsinki. Men on the park. FWIW.

Hail hail




Reputation: 217
Pish game to watch, reserve side for the most part. Hope a stronger team is put out against Inter so we can prepare for Helsinki. Muprhy is fucking GASH.