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Sell Out Saturday

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Let's Go To War

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I know most of you are twitter users and as such have probably seen this already but for those who haven't...

Idea is basically on the 11th of August they are trying to get as many football fans out their armchairs and into stadiums around Scotland to show our support for the Scottish game and give clubs a much needed cash injection. Theres been a lot of financial figures thrown around recently but by far the one that stands out for me is this;
For Aberdeen to recoup the money lost through the Hun demise, they would only need to sell out Pittodrie on the first game of the season v Ross County.
Taking this a bit further, if every team could sell out an extra 1/2 times a season it could potentially lead to a massive difference in the finances in the game.

So anyone on board and if so where you headed?


dundalk celt

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this campaign will suit pat nevin he sells out every saterday, and he sold out a long time ago



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No doubt i'll be here .................if they're at home.




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this is a great idea.

obviously CP would always be my first choice but we will be fine so my local team is partick thistle and i would be happy to give them a wee bit of cash.

fhook the huns we can help our local teams out a wee bit maybe we should start a fan group called CSSSF Celtic supporters supporting scottish football. It would demonstate exactly why we are so much better fans than the hordes in blue. they want to boycott clubs and we want to help them.

oh how the media would hate to report on that