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Ipswich want Murphy on permenant deal....

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CelticTalk Newbie

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According to sky sports news Ipswich want Daryl Murphy on a permenant deal.
In my opinion I think we should let him go, we arleady have Hooper, Stokes, Watt, Bangura and we could definetley be signing some more strikers. I just want your views on if you think he should stay or go and give your reasons why!! HH



Celtic Legend

Reputation: 400
Not one reason for him to stay. He has not done one thing to impress whilst he has been here.

I would let him go for fook all.



Celtic Legend

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Not one reason for him to stay. He has not done one thing to impress whilst he has been here.

I would let him go for fook all.

He should never have been at CP in the 1st place..................................what a waste of a Mill and a half. !!!!

Decent enough guy and i think he tries, but Celtic Park is far too big him, and he's caught looking up in the stands more often than watching the ball.

Seen it loads of time with players, the occasion/crowd/atmosphere is all to big for them to handle.



Celtic Reserves Player

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Daryl Messi



Celtic Regular

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kevza will take him there in his taxi



Celtic Regular

Reputation: 101
Stick him in a presentation box with ribbons and bows and just give them him as an early Christmas present.
Then leg it.

I'm sure he's a nice guy, but then so is the concierge at the bottom of my close.

Alternately, I'll buy him for a fiver and he can clean my flat for minimum wage.



Even Jesus Supported Celtic!!!

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Daryl Messi

If he done that more often he would be a regular starter.



Celtic Legend

Reputation: 400

kevza will take him there in his taxi

I'll save the petrol and just drive it aff the erskine bridge :lol:



Celtic Reserves Player

Reputation: 119
Proper goat get him tae fuk



Celtic Regular

Reputation: 44
This mean we can get on with pre-season without him? Hes started one and been subbed on in the other two and in all honesty hes balls, should just stick to Hooper, Stokes, Bangura and Watt unless we get Rhodes



Celtic Legend

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not done enough for me and was only bought to play at place like ict when the pitches are fucked. A decent target man for an spl club just not ours. thanks you and goodbye daryll



CelticTalk Newbie

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he has done a job when asked to do so by lennon

never got a decent enough run in the team

he has bags of ability and will be a star at a team like ipswich



CelticTalk Newbie

Reputation: 9
If I win the lottery I will pay his wages....so he can clean my house cuz surely he would be better at that then his current profession.

Pretty sure he was at Ipswich before? and also pretty sure he wasn't a star....but maybe his new tattoo will give him super footballing powers.

But I don't think so...get this waste o'dosh doon tha road.